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The Professional Consortium has been involved in research work in Micro insurance since 2004 with a highly qualified team of academics and professionals with proven track records. By these research activities, it can bring industry, academics together with all other stakeholders to explore new dimensions of Micro insurance industry.

Product Development

Having identified the Micro insurance needs of the low-income households, The Professional Consortium has the expertise to develop innovative micro insurance products for insurance companies and assist them with planning implementation of them. The Professional Consortium’s experienced team with industrial and academic exposure is able to all product development assignments.

Delivery Channels

Establishing delivery channels to reach target customers in a cost effective method is the key to success of any Micro insurance project that The Professional Consortium undertakes. The team has extensive experience in developing innovative delivery channels in several developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Public Private Partnerships

The Professional Consortium has successfully implemented several micro insurance projects using the Public Private Partnership concept. They work in this sector in collaboration with the University of Colombo

Mobile Insurance

In order to increase the penetration and efficiency of operation of Micro insurance, mobile phone platform is an effective technology that has been identified by The Professional Consortium

Awareness Raising

In collaboration with donors, government agencies, insurance organization, and other stakeholders, The Professional Consortium is involved in raising Microinsurance awareness at the grassroot level.


The Professional Consortium has started its work in year 2004 with aims of “Protecting Poor” and has been able to establish several sustainable development projects to up lift the lives of the poor people.  Soon after the ‘tsunami’ hit in Sri Lanka, The Professional Consortium has been involved in reconstruction and rebuilding of lives of the poor and vulnerable poor, and has gone a step forward in introducing Micro insurance through the NGOs CBOs and insurance companies.

In 2006, The Professional Consortium was awarded one of the largest projects in Micro insurance sector in Sri Lanka to carry out a micro insurance demand study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This was successfully completed under the guidance of Daminda Geeganage the President/CEO and Mosleh Ahmed, Director.This was followed by several other projects awarded to “The Professional Consortium” by other donor agencies.

Another step forward,  ‘The Professional Consortium’ extended it’s activities in  Micro insurance sector with policy making, institutionalization,  establishing operational plans, guiding field activities at grass root levels, to cover all aspects across the sector, with proven projects.

Featured Projects

Microinsurance TA to Sri Lanka by Asian Development Bank in 2006

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Market research for Yasiru Mutual Provident Society ; TA by PlaNet Finance 2008

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Academic research conducted on “Demand Analysis of Health Micro insurance products in Sri Lanka”

in 2008/9 for Master of Economics thesis by Daminda

Mobile Micro insurance research study ; TA and developed with collaboration of EXICON; PlaNet Guarantee in 2010

Demand study for Loan Protection Micro insurance scheme ; TA by MercyCorps in 2010

Based on the research of Loan protection Micro insurance , steps taken for Product Development, Stakeholder workshops, Partnership arrangements and Pilot testing was done for “Jana Suraksha” Micro insurance policy

in 2010/11 ; TA by MercyCorps & PlaNet Guarantee

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Guided and launched “ Jana Suraksha” Micro insurance scheme through MFIs, NGOs and supported/coordinated the channel partners and stakeholder to implement the scheme ; More than 15,000 policies were established

TA by MercyCorps & PlaNet Guarantee  2013/14

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Workshop conducted on Micro Insurance with collaboration of University of Colombo – “Impact and benefits analysis of Micro insurance for financial institutions” in 2014

TA by MercyCorps in 2010

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Workshop conducted on Micro Insurance with collaboration of University of Colombo in Specialized community (which has it’s original root from South Africa)

in Mannar district in 2016

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Other Projects

  • Regulatory Framework Promotion of Pro-poor Insurance Markets in Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal (RFPI Asia) in 2014
  • UTL mobile Insurance in Uganda

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